Considering the Layout when Setting up a Restaurant

If you are thinking of starting up a new restaurant of your own, you have probably pictured yourself serving the best food piled on plates to pleased customers – but there is a lot more than the food that goes into running a successful restaurant.

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Before you start up, you will also want to take a look at the current guidelines for the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as considering the usual things like staffing, using technology such as an online payment gateway from sentient-group and what will be on your menu.

One of the things that people can sometimes overlook to begin with is restaurant layout. Once you have found a place to set up your restaurant from, you will need to consider the layout. In the current pandemic of course, you will also need to take the social distancing requirements into consideration.

Sometimes, you may be slightly more restricted – for example if the place you are using is already set up as a restaurant it is probably already laid out already – the bar, the kitchen and the toilets being the main things to think about.

The bar should be the focal point of the room – the toilets and the kitchens should be more hidden away (obviously the toilets should be clearly signposted, but not withing the view of the diners).

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As well as the layout, consider other aesthetics such as the lighting, the furnishings, the colours and any art or decorative objects that will fit the mood and tone of your restaurant.

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