A Famous Irish Folktale.

One country that has more than its fair share of Irish folktales is that of Ireland. From its rich pagan heritage of the Tuatha De Danann to the coming of St Patrick and his work to convert them to christianlty it is the basis of story that has given the nation a lot of it’s identity. One only has to look at the explosion of ST Patrick’s day gifts, like those from https://www.shamrockgift.com/st-patricks-day-gifts, on the 17th of March every year to see that the The patron Saint still generates huge amounts of love for the place.

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However Ireland is also rightly famous for it’s other tales as well. One of the most interesting and evocative is that of Oisin and Niamh. The tale begins in ancient Ireland somewhere on the rugged West Coast. Oisin is combeing the beach with his friend when they suddenly see a tidal wave crashing towards them and their village. Oisin’s friend panics but Oisin stands his ground.

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From the wave emerges a beautiful woman atop a white horse. She is Niamh of the Tuatha De Danann the old Gods residing in the Blessed Realm. She greets Oisin and he takes her on a tour of Ireland. The mortal and immortal fall in love and She rides with him back to the Blessed realm where they marry.

After many years Oisin wants to see his family again and he takes the Horse back to Ireland. Niamh tells him not to set foot on the land. When he arrives the village is gone and his family all aged and moved away. In shock he falls from the horse and immediately ages to dust.

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