Why you might need a planning map

For the most part when we think of maps we think of them being used specifically for finding our way around especially if we are visiting an area that we’ve never been to before or perhaps we are going on a walking holiday and need a bit more details to see us around the countryside we are looking to traverse. Maps vary in scale and size allowing the cartographer to include a lot of detail or limit the map to those that are very important and relevant to the job the map needs to do. One of the most detailed, and not necessarily that large in size is that of the planning map. Why would someone want this kind of map in the first place?

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Planning Maps, like those from https://www.themapshop.co.uk/planning_maps_online.htm are able to give you a detailed picture of the surrounding area. So, if you’ve ever wanted to have a precise map of your local neighbourhood this is the one to get! A planning map will allow you to see all of the local road routes and how accessible they are. It will also give you the outline of all the houses and estates of the town or village you are moving to plus trees and local landmarks.

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If you are thinking of moving, or are in the process of moving to a new area then Planning Maps will give you a good heads up of the place. If you are already resident it can allow you to see if you can make any changes to your house or see if any proposed changes to the area will have an effect on your’s and your neighbours.

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