The Teacher as a Teaching Aid

In the classroom there are two important teaching aids, the teacher and the blackboard (or whiteboard these days). A teacher can use any number of teaching aids to help present a new concept or topic, or to cement learning that’s already taken place. Teaching aids are used to engage children, relieve worries, prevent boredom and even to stimulate disruptive children to modify their behaviour. They can be in the form of DVDs, CD Roms, games, iPad apps and even toys. The most important factor in the classroom is still the teacher as they play so many different roles:

Controller – The teacher is the primary person in charge of a class. They have control over the lesson planning, activities and what students do. A teacher acts as a controller when new topics are introduced as they lead the change of pace and the accurate presentation of new material.

Resource – A teacher is a constant source of information and offer of assistance when required. They communicate, share ideas, encourage participation and be open to consult with when a student feels the need to.

Storyteller – Lessons can be taught through the use of storytelling, which is particularly important for primary school children.

Model – A teacher must be a role model and set standards that students follow by example.

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Organizer -This is perhaps the most difficult role to play. There are so many things to get done in the course of a school day and the success of activities depends on good organization and clear instructions to the students.

Participant – Lessons can be more fun when the teacher participates in an activity too.

Tutor – When students are involved in a project or self-study activity, a teacher must act as a coach and tutor, providing help and guidance. Not giving the answers but directing the student to the right path for finding what they need to know.

The other key teaching aid, aside from the teacher is the teacher’s board, traditionally the blackboard. Here are reasons why it’s so important:

  • Teachers can encourage children to write important points on it too. For more individual attention, smaller wipe boards are a great way of taking the lesson down to the student on a more personal level. For Magnetic dry wipe boards for schools, visit
  • It is the place where a teacher can display main lesson points
  • A space where the teacher can display flashcards, posters, artwork or any other visual aids

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  • A space where games can be played whether as warming up exercises, wind-down end of lesson activities or time filling rainy day fun
  • The perfect place for displaying important information about tasks and homework

While there are many teaching aids that all have a place in making education engaging and diverse to suit many different needs, the teacher and board are the most effective, popular and convenient teaching aids available in the classroom.

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