The importance of sustainable timber

Timber has been used as a commodity for thousands of years to construct houses, make tools and produce countless other useful objects and structures. As the world’s population has increased and global economies push for growth, the demand for resources such as timber has also grown enormously to a point that is not sustainable.

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High demand can lead to moral considerations being sidelined in the pursuit of profits and to timber suppliers destroying forests with a lack of consideration for indigenous tribes or biodiversity. The habitats of many species of wildlife have been destroyed, increasing the incidence of extinction at an alarming rate.

The Environment

Illegal logging and deforestation have a devastating effect on our environment and are widely campaigned against by organisations such as the Worldwide Fund For Nature. Forests remove carbon dioxide from our planet’s atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. If we lose forests, carbon dioxide concentrations increase and contribute to Global Warming and Climate Change. Forests also provide a habitat for countless species, many of which have still to be identified and studied.

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Demand for timber products remains high today for construction, furniture and solid wood flooring, and it is important to look out for companies that supply FSC-certified timber such as

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp indicates that the timber is sourced from a responsibly and ethically maintained forest, where a tree is planted for every tree removed to minimise the negative impact on our environment.

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