What to know about macramé

A History of Macramé

Thanks to a recent resurgence in popularity, macramé is once again becoming both a desirable form of home décor and a widespread craft for people to enjoy in their spare time. In essence, macramé is a textile-based craft that uses knots to weave fabrics and twine into different forms. Often associated with 60s and 70s interior design, macramé has, in fact, a much older history and it has moved in and out of the limelight over hundreds of years. Quite how many centuries this age-old practice spans is a matter of some debate, with some historians citing the 13th Century whilst others believe it may go back even further to the Ancient Persians and Babylonians! Either way, this craft is experiencing a resurgence of interest and macramé-based items are enhancing modern homes across the globe.

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Learning how to Macramé

According to the Collins Dictionary, macramé is an ornamental work of knotted cord. The type of cord used depends very much on personal preference and the desired outcome, but macramé can be created using jute, hemp, twine, yarn or even leather. The important thing is that it is a length of cord that can be easily manipulated into the knots that are the defining feature of this art form.

Designs may often be finished with additional decorative features such as wooden beads or feathers and the process is usually completed with the aid of a mounting ring which keeps the piece in place as you work. As with any new crafting hobby, it pays to start small and learn the basics. A macrame kit is the ideal way to become acquainted with the process whilst still producing an aesthetically pleasing item at the end. A selection of such products can be viewed at sites such as woolcouturecompany.com/collections/macrame-kits.

Ideas for Macrame Projects

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To learn a new craft simply for the pleasure of developing a new skill is a wonderful way to begin macramé, but the real joy of this craft is the variety of things that can be designed and made just using simple supplies, an understanding of the techniques involved and some imagination. Traditionally wall hangings and plant-pot holders are great macramé projects that are very much in vogue right now, but key chains, hanging chairs, belts, jewellery and fringes on other textiles are all potential projects for the budding macramé artist.

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