If you enjoy reading about Politics, and Culture and enjoy access to the hard-hitting truth, then read this.

The well-known author, politician and Mental Health advocate Alastair Campbell has been Editor at  Large of the hard-hitting weekly newspaper and website that can be downloaded at sites like http://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/contributor/alastair-campbell/  since March 2017.  This no-nonsense publication has even published some of the extracts from the fifth volume of personal diaries of Alastair Campbell that were written during his years working with ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair in Downing Street. The on-line and paper format of this popular publication is not afraid to be outspoken and controversial, in May 2018 the whole paper was dedicated to the topic of feminism and articles were included from Samira Ahmed, Konnie Huq and Helen Lewis.

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The New European was originally started in 1990 by former Daily mail worker, Matt Kelly, who thought it would only be viable for approximately four issues, however it continued to publish and grow and in 2017 had an estimated following of 20,000 readers and subscribers. In May of 2017 the paper’s first Podcast was aired and now that attracts somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 devoted listeners every week.

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The New European covers controversial topics and isn’t afraid to shed light on Political wrongdoings and will highlight Politicians that have said or taken part in anything underhand or untoward, making a fascinating and intellectual read for those who enjoy the real Politics of today.

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