If cereals have a lot of sugar, now what breakfast? 13 healthy and unexpected ideas

Ever since Mr. Kellogg began his career in the business world we have always identified (or have identified) cereals with the idea of ​​breakfast. And we have for all tastes: sugary and chocolate coated for children (announced by cheerful drawings and associated with correct growth and energy), high in fiber and a little less sugary for women on diet (and with drawings of winding silhouettes female) …

In many of the houses around the world breakfast cereals with milk and a juice, something that is far from an ideal breakfast. But if they get us out of it, we seem to run out of ideas to feed ourselves in the morning. Do you want to set aside the cereal? We give you 13 healthy and original alternatives to enjoy a complete breakfast.

Smoothie bowls: A full breakfast in a single dish

The smoothie bowls are one of the most complete breakfasts you can make, as well as being tasty and quick to prepare. They admit a lot of ingredients, something that makes the combinations are practically infinite and that will allow us not to get bored in the first meal of the day.

Here are some ideas of everything we can include in our smoothie bowl …

  • Smoothie bowl of mango and pineapple: for the creamy base we can use a mixture of natural yogurt and mango and pass through the blender until we have a cream. As toppings you can put slices of pineapple in the natural, slices of mango and sprinkle over a few flakes of oats and some seeds of chia.
  • Smoothie bowl of strawberries and banana: we take a handful of strawberries, half a banana and some milk (can be vegetable if you want) and we pass it through the mixer to make the creamy base. On the surface of the smoothie bowl add strawberries cut in half, the half banana that we have reserved cut into slices, a few pieces of nuts and cocoa chips.
  • Smoothie bowl of red fruits: To make this smoothie bowl we will need strawberries, raspberries and currants. We put two or three pieces of each in the blender together with a dash of almond milk and a few oat flakes to get the creamy base. Cut two or three strawberries in half and place them, along with two or three raspberries and a few blueberries on the surface of the smoothie bowl. We can also add some chopped almonds to get that crunchy touch.
  • Smoothie chocolate bowl: To start the day with something sweet we can try this chocolate smoothie bowl. The creamy base carries a frozen banana, defatted cocoa (to taste, depending on the intensity you want to give) and a splash of milk. To give an extra flavor you can pour a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter. For the toppings we can use chopped banana, a few pieces of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (at least 90%), strawberries split in half and peanuts chopped.
  • Green smoothie bowl with kiwi: To get a bright green color in our breakfast smoothie bowl we will need a kiwi, a bunch of spinach, a quarter of avocado, a dash of almond milk and a handful of oatmeal for the creamy base. We passed it by the blender, poured into our bowl and decorated with half a kiwi sliced ​​party, coconut grated or splinters, hemp seeds and a few oat flakes above.

Whole-grain toast: Blow your imagination

The grain toast are also a good choice for a full breakfast), which can also add a piece of fruit. Always ensure that the bread is effectively integral (in this post of Tell me what you can see how to distinguish it from the one that is not) and combine it with the ingredients that you have in the fridge:

  • Integral toast of avocado with egg: a great combination and full of nutrients. The avocado you can put it sliced ​​or crushed, and on it, a fresh grilled egg. Season with a little salt and pepper, and have breakfast!
  • Wholegrain toasted peanut butter with sprinkled cacao: for sweet tooth. Peanut butter you can buy it (look at the ingredients, where only peanuts and olive oil should be included) or you can prepare it yourself with this recipe. The defatted cocoa is a good option to sprinkle over and give it a touch of flavor.
  • Whole-grain toast of tomato and ham: a classic that never fails. We toasted the bread, we pour a trickle of extra virgin olive oil and cover it with crushed tomatoes that we can prepare ourselves at home with a grater. Then place a thin slice of ham on top and enjoy. You can also rub a clove of garlic in the bread before pouring the oil, to your liking. Prepare it at the same time that you go to eat so that the bread does not remain soft.
  • Toasted whole cream of nuts, chopped fruit and cinnamon: another for sweet tooth, and can not be simpler. We toasted the bread, spread a little peanut butter or almonds and, above, we placed fruit at our choice. A great combination is the one we can get with a few slices of banana, but other fruits like the apple can also look great. Finally, we sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa on top.
  • Integral toast of guacamole and salmon: another delicious way to have breakfast with this toast of guacamole and tuna. Ideally, the guacamole should be prepared by ourselves (you can do it with this recipe), place it on the toasted bread and above we put some slices of smoked salmon.

Other healthy and tasty breakfasts

  • French omelette with tuna: a hearty breakfast for the colder months of the year. We toast the bread and while we prepare our tortilla: depending on the hunger we have, we can make it one or more eggs. Incorporate the tuna, give a couple of turns in the pan and decorate with a little chive over.
  • Protein pancakes with yogurt and fruits: to make the pancakes we only need an egg, a little oatmeal, a protein scoop of the flavor we want and a little milk (to taste) to avoid being too much mazacote. We pass the mixture through the mixer, then the pan to make them (when bubbles come out on the surface, we turn it around and let the other side do about 30 seconds) and pass them to the plate. Already in the plate, we throw over a yogurt that acts as syrup and decorate with pieces of fresh fruit.
  • Bowl of homemade muesli: much healthier than you can find on large surfaces, as you control the ingredients you add. Mix in a sealed bag a handful of oat flakes, dried fruits such as raisins or dried apricots, nuts such as walnuts, almonds or peanuts and grated coconut. Mix everything very well and throw it in your bowl along with some fresh fruits (red fruits, pieces of kiwi, orange …). Add some milk and that’s it. So you can make the combinations that you like.

There are always healthy alternatives for all meals of the day: we just have to make you want and a little imagination .

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