Yoga at home: Seven tricks that help you get motivated to start

Exercising at home has its advantages and disadvantages . It is comfortable and cheaper than going to classes or the gym, but it costs more to be constant and not to leave.

If you are thinking about it and it is yoga that calls you , go ahead with your purpose: doing yoga has many physical and mental benefits , and it is a perfect activity to do at home since you will not make a lot of noise, so you will not disturb your neighbors , and there are many resources to learn and practice yoga from home.

Of course, you will have to find the motivation to start and be constant so as not to abandon the first, and pay close attention to the guide you use to correctly perform all movements. Here are some tips to start and not leave.

1. Set a schedule and cover it

Yoga from 8:30 to 9:15 each morning, for example. Or the time that you prefer. But that is fixed and oblige to fulfill it , as if you were to class.

The “when I have a while”, the “now I wear”, the “half an hour more and I start” are the perfect recipe for the derailment of good intentions. You will end up training little, and less and less. If you want to be consistent and regular, take it as one more obligation in your daily routine.

2. Create a small routine

Get dressed to train, pick up your hair, fill your bottle with water, put on music … Just as you prepare to go to the gym, get ready for your yoga training . Oh, and forget about training with your pajamas: there’s no more effective way to lose motivation.

3. Invest in material

It does not have to be too much money, you can adapt it to your economic situation, but some sportswear that you like and that is appropriate, a quality mat … If you dedicate some money in material to this activity, it will make you more angry to waste it and will motivate you to continue training .

4. Learn and ask for advice

Yoga is an activity that can be adapted by everyone, but that does not mean that it does not have its levels, its details and its particularities.

Look up information on the internet or ask someone you know to practice how you can start, what important details you should keep in mind and where you can find trainings and guides to train correctly.

5. Search the internet

On the internet there are plenty of free and paid resources for yoga training. In Vitónica we have compiled many of them, as well as a detailed series on the main yoga postures that you can consult here . You can search on your own videos on YouTube or apps with training programs that convince you and motivate you.

6. Set a training schedule

A medium-term objective is a good way to maintain motivation beyond the novelty of the first days. Organize one for you in which every day practice one or several positions always paying close attention to the details of each movement and thus ensure that you do them correctly, achieving all their benefits and avoiding any injury.

If you do not know how to make a calendar, here is an idea: the advent calendar of Vitónica with 28 yoga postures to practice one a day for four weeks. There is no excuse!

7. Do not be discouraged

Probably at the beginning do not stand with a ball: do not leave the postures, do not link transitions well, you slip, you trip or you fall. Tip number 1: be careful not to hurt yourself. Tip number 2: do not despair. Nobody is born knowing and we are all clumsy at the beginning . Keep practicing and training and you will see how you get the trick. Think that the lower you start, the sooner you start to see the improvements.

This advice is also useful in case you skip the training one day. Once we have failed, it is easy to lose momentum and it costs more to return. That is not your case: skipping training one day does not mean starting from scratch , and although it is not desirable, it is not a drama either. Put on your clothes again the next day and do not lose motivation.

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