What to do in case of fainting?

Sometimes the blood supply that carries oxygen to the brain is not enough and it is not able to stay alert and awake. There is then a loss of consciousness that can lead to fainting. Read on to learn  what to do in case of fainting.

What can cause fainting?

  • A Closed, poorly ventilated site can cause so much anxiety in a person it facing lipotimia.
  • In Summer increase your chances of getting this disease, because high heat can cause a sudden drop in voltage.

What to do in case of faintingWhen they tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day we passed as big as a house truth. And it is that prolonged fasting practice is another factor that can cause us lipotimia.

  • Another Reason is the intense pain that, although it affects differently each can make our brain off and we lose heart.
  • The Emotions, good or bad, what an over-excitation of some kind can overcome our body and end up face down on the floor.
  • Related To the latter, we can also point as a possible cause phobias. A terrible fear of any situation, object or animal that makes our brain is dismissed for a little while.

How to act if lipotimia

When we find a case of lipotimia we have to act in accordance with guidelines:

Though faint itself need not be an alarm call, it can be the downfall of the person who has suffered. To lose consciousness, the individual concerned runs the risk of hitting the floor or furniture and do a lot of damage. Not to mention you are driving or down a staircase, and would be more dangerous circumstances.

If it happens to you quite often you have to let them know to those around you, just in case you happen to them so they can act accordingly.

If we see happening to someone else immediately call the emergency services. As they arrive we will check your vital signs and if there has been any injury when falling.

We must make sure you have good ventilation and if necessary, it will loosen clothes to facilitate breathing. If the victim does not regain consciousness you will lie on your side, in this way, if you have to puke, it will not suffocate.

If is waking up, help him to join calmly and still watch him. It is best to stay seated.But above all and under any conditions we can leave only the victim, nor provide medication or liquids, even less if you have full consciousness, because it could choke. We will ask you to cough a few times, as this stimulus promotes blood flow to the brain.

What other advice portraitist you to know what to do in case of fainting ?

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