Discovering styles: Industrial

Today I want to delve into one of the trends that, as I told you, came to the decorative world last year and will be established in this newly released 2016: industrial style. This aesthetic so vast, American lofts from the 50s, can be molded or used in small doses to give a very powerful to a home or any other space personality, as we see now in many businesses especially hospitality. Here I leave its main features…

Discovering styles IndustrialMaterials

The king and queen as industrial materials are aged etched metal and wood. For him the steel, aluminum or wrought iron is preferred; for her, the natural tone or matte finish. The may accompany some other supplementary materials such as glass, in its crudest form, or stone and cement. For the seats, you opt for the metal chairs and worn leatherette in armchairs and sofas. They also tend to be combined with elements of space itself, as are the walls of brickwork or roof structures, beams and pipes, the air.

The positive part of this trend is that it can be obtained in two ways: either recovering old furniture and items genuinely from a factory and passing them through a laborious process of restoration and customization (only the most patient or convinced to seek a genuine result) or, of course, acquiring new parts store that currently are being designed with this aesthetic inspiration and with great fidelity in their finishes. My recommendation is to find a balance between economic investment, time and difficulty of finding the desired items, use both ways: it is much easier to get the first mode small accessories and resort to buying for large furniture.


In the case of colors that define this style you can choose two ways. The first and most widespread is use the original tones of the materials that I mentioned earlier, which are mainly dark, dominated by gray, brown and black. The second, completely opposite, is to use the vintage touch that already has industrial style and extremal to the aesthetic retro pop: use of primary, strong, bright colors, garish and also in combination. This option is the boldest but also the most resultant.

Fabrics and accessories

The textures are very important in this decorative trend. To get a genuine factory effect must seek bold touches like burlap, plate or wire. Much of the weight of this aesthetic they take details such as ropes, cages, mats, pulleys and hooks, wheels, pallets, drums, cable reels, valves, gears, boxes and crates, old bulbs, bottles, cans … A pattern very representative of this trend are the typographic printing of letters and numbers.

As for the arrangement of space, this style house very well with lofts or other diaphanous character house with high ceilings and little wall, reminiscent industrial scale. To illuminate these broad areas must pull cable, so dominated by low lamps screen flared, which increase the retro touch. To decorate the walls, it is recommended to use boxes cosmopolitan court, some urban image or a simple detail, as the wall itself usually has a lot of personality. One of the benefits of this style is that house very well with rooms that often left by prejudice, more styling aside, as is the kitchen.

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