What are the most common eye diseases?

One of the most important in our lives sensory pathways is the view, not only to observe everything around us, but also to develop each and every one of the activities of our day. Many eye diseases can be prevented if detected early. I talked about some of the most common diseases.

Natural aging becomes most cases the main cause would explain the formation of very diverse complications and pathologies of this kind. Anyway, if from an early age we take care of our eyes and we subject them to periodic review will ensure good health of them.

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Common eye diseases

Some of the most common eye diseases among the population are as follows:

-The Dry eye syndrome occurs when the conjunctiva and cornea are no longer properly hydrated by the tear fluid. This disease is so prevalent today in our society, that one in five patients visit their eye doctor for these types of conditions.

The main causes of such diseases are usually environmental, either to stay for an extended period of time in front of the computer screen for work or be exposed to the constant stream of air conditioning. They also it is known asker to conjunctivitis is often associated with rheumatic diseases.

The stinging, itching, redness, foreign body sensation and extreme sensitivity to light (fotobia) are some of the most noticeable symptoms. To treat it, you can use artificial tears or even in the most severe cases, the closure of the lacrimal points.

When the lens of the eye becomes opaque talk about an eye disease called cataracts, which in 90% of cases usually related to age. This type of pathologies manifest from strong glare, to the point that in the most advanced stages is those who suffer as if through a glass of milk.

Exposure to radiation, diabetes mellitus or congenital infection in the womb may explain this condition. The most widely used treatment for an effective solution is the operation under local anesthesia, low risk.

-The Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 65 years. Caused by a deterioration of the retina, which affects the area of the retina centered precision vision, macular degeneration symptoms as distorted vision, contrast or deterioration less acute vision. Under certain circumstances, this condition can be detected from a laser treatment, medication or operation. Its origin is unknown, but the fact that smoking and high blood pressure are presented as clear risk factors. It is advisable to protect against very bright eyes and go for a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Next – characterized by blurred vision, farsightedness symptoms such as sore eyes and head due to excessive exercise developed by the permanent accommodation. Diagnosed by an eye examination, correction is suitable for wearing glasses or contact lenses, solutions that can also apply to another common condition as myopia.

In the cases of myopia, the person usually blink and squint to look away in order to improve their visual acuity. Characterized by blurred vision of nearby objects, the symptoms of this condition are particularly evident at night. Besides the use of glasses or contact lenses, you can resort to an operation, for example by laser to correct its effects. In this sense, it is advisable to visit the eye doctor regularly so check the general condition of our eyes.

When a defect occurs in the natural curvature of the horny layer of the eye of another talk condition known as astigmatism. In the event that the irregularity in the cornea is considerable, the affected suffer a substantial loss in visual acuity. To correct its effects can make use of cylindrical crystals or glasses with specific lenses.

Do not forget that to protect your eye health is advisable to visit your medical specialist at least once a year. Your eyes will thank you.

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