5 of the best fitness fabrics for sports wear

When you’re working up a sweat, it pays to be wearing fitness gear that wicks away sweat and keeps you feeling cool and comfortable in the gym. Each of these fabrics has advantages and drawbacks, and each one works best as part of a blend. But their qualities mean that you need them in your kit bag to keep you feeling great and looking good during that workout. Here are 5 of the best fitness fabrics for your sportswear.

5 of the best fitness fabrics for sports wear

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Bamboo has been called the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of fitness fabrics because it really does do it all. It wicks moisture from the skin, and it’s light as well as being extremely breathable. Plus it’s super soft, deals with odours and protects your skin against UV rays.


Movable and breathable, nylon is soft as silk and wicks sweat from your skin’s surface so it can evaporate, leaving the skin feeling dry. Its superior stretch and fit will keep you feeling comfortable even during the most punishing workout.


More cost effective than bamboo, polyester is the workhorse of fitness fabrics and is a common material for all kinds of budget conscious fitness wear from tennis dresses to Discount football kits, available online from sites like https://www.kitking.co.uk amongst others. The beauty of polyester is that it’s lightweight, durable, UV and wrinkle resistant, non-absorbent and will even insulate you when it’s wet.


If there’s one area where polyester can come unstuck, it’s if you don’t wash it after every use. New research has shown that cotton can have the edge over polyester, because it doesn’t breed bacteria as synthetics can. On the downside, cotton can get very sweaty during a heavy workout, making it unsuitable for high exertion workouts. If you don’t intend to get that sweaty, however, cotton is the top choice for low impact exercise like yoga.

5 of the best fitness fabrics for sports wear2

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If you intend to be running in all weathers, then you’ll need some Gore-Tex in your life. Whether you choose a jacket or shoes, this synthetic membrane is used to make other fabrics wind and waterproof while still allowing the skin to breathe. Whilst your feet and body are kept protected from the wet and the cold, perspiration escapes keeping you cool and comfortable and on top of your game.

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