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If you are a lover of art then you may have visited many galleries and with the booming trade in art fayres, we can all learn more about art than ever before. With the digital era, the ‘art world’ really does mean access to art from all over the globe as artists engage in new media to showcase their work. So where are some of the newest and most exciting galleries?

The Third Line in Dubai offers a chance to give exposure to budding contemporary artists in the region. There is a large mix of cultural works which is something not generally seen in Europe and America and makes this an interesting gallery to add to the list.

Vitamin Creative Space in Beijing showcases contemporary works and focuses on Chinese history. This gallery is a fine example of collaborative working as art, film, performance and the written word all share the space.

The Klughaus gallery in New York brings grafitti to the art scene with energetic displays that still protect the privacy of the artists. It is a chance to see street art and appreciate it’s beauty in a setting other than a tube station.

Sao Paulo in Brazil has an emerging cultural scene thanks to the Fortes Vilaca which supports local artists and seeks to bring in artists from all over the world to enhance Brazil’s art scene.

Arratia-Beer in Germany has held some forward-thinking exhibitions including one in which visitors could get artist designed tattoos right there on the spot. A brave and inspiring move to make us think about the longevity of things. If you have artwork that you want to last then consider artwork copying. For more information, visit

Kraupa-Tuskany, also in Germany, fuses digital media, sculpture and painting together to create a dialogue about hot topics and politically sensitive issues.

Gio Marconi in Milan, Italy welcomes all things avant-garde and offers an experimental space for artists using a mixture of collage, video and sculpture.

Cutting Edge Art

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When you think of Paris you will undoubtedly think of the Louvre and traditional art galleries but Paris has a thriving contemporary scene and the gb agency is one not to be missed. For an art experience for all the senses, the exhibitions at gb agency feature sound, performance and large-scale installations which invite questioning and interaction from visitors.

Finally, a local gallery worth knowing about is Herald Street in London. The works on show are all produced by young, local artists who work with a range of different media and offer a very authentic feel of city life.

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