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Your garage is a gift of storage space that you may not be utilizing. Most of us are guilty of filling our garage with junk when we could use the space much more effectively. Here are some useful tips on how to get your garage space to work for you and not against you:

Make the most of wall space available by adding shelving units so you can arrange the items in a structured way and be more organized. You will be able to find things much easier, making jobs quicker as well. Rails and hooks can also be installed to hang large tools from, such as shovels and rakes.

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Buy some inexpensive clear storage containers that you can label. You will be able to arrange everything systematically and put an end to those frustrating searches for long lost screwdrivers. Tupperware boxes can also be used to easily store goods. In fact, anything can be used that you may have lying around, such as jars and bottles for all the loose screws and nails, for example.

No one will blame you for not wanting to spend time in the garage when it is falling into disrepair. Cold, windy, full of spiders and a door that sounds like the entrance to a haunted house. Why not spruce things up a bit and treat yourself to a shiny new garage door? For Garage Doors Swindon, visit a site like Up and Over, leading suppliers of Garage Doors in Swindon.

Do not neglect the available space in the ceiling area of your garage. This area makes the perfect storage space for the items you want to keep but do not use very often, such as Christmas trees, decorations and tents, for example. Storage bins can also be hung from the ceiling of the room to add more storage in a cheap and effective way.

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Garages often can be filled with items such as bicycles and sports equipment, which take up so much space. Make a DIY rack for bicycles family, a very useful idea to save a ton of space on the garage floor. Bicycles are expensive purchases and to create a special space for their storage, keeps them protected and secure. Simply attach some hooks for the pole to take the weight of the bike, tie front wheel in a static position and hang. Keep your bike safe, stable but still easily accessible.

Installing a magnetic tool bar is another easy idea for the garage wall, so you always know where to find those all-important tools!

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