Steps for hiring a car

Step 1: Choose the right car rental for your trip and travel

With many vehicles to choose from, it may be difficult to choose the ideal model. For example, for a couple touring the city and surrounding areas, a compact car is probably the best option. While families may benefit from an estate or SUV.

Step 2: Select how you want to pay

If you choose to pay directly online, some of the benefits you can be provided with include increased mileage and varying insurance bundles. The cost can also be significantly lower. If it suits you better, you can also pay at the branch. For Car Hire Southend, visit a site like Steve’s Self Drive, a supplier of Car Hire Southend.

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Step 3: Choose any optional extras or additional services you may require

Consider why you are hiring a car and the requirements of the group, you might want to pick some add ons for your car. Depending on your circumstances, you might think it wise to consider features like GPS, booster seats, extra drivers and more. Additional services that might benefit you also include insurance and more mileage packages.

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Step 4: Collect your car rental with your Document Identification

When you head to the branch of your choice with all the necessary documents at the time that you have chosen, you’ll be met by friendly staff and will be handed your car keys. If you are not familiar with vehicle rental, there will be rental agents on hand to introduce you to the car and special features. This is the time to take a good look around the vehicle and make sure any damage is noted before you leave the forecourt, so you are not held responsible.

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