How Can I Tell If My Pet Has Fleas?

You can often tell if a dog or cat has fleas by examining the skin. As an example, if you see blood on the skin it might mean that your dog has fleas and has been bitten. If your dog has fleas, it will shed its hair around the base of its tail, and you might see small black dots on the skin that look like fleas. These will probably disappear if the flea problem goes away after successful flea treatment. Of course, you should be careful when you’re attempting to rid your pet of fleas, because there are several kinds of these creatures out there, and they can cause serious problems for pets if they scratch excessively and get an infection.

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Once you know what you are looking for, you can examine your pet for fleas and determine the extent of the infestation on your own. You might have been noticing them jumping about the house too and even have bites yourself. Once fleas get into the carpet and upholstery, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate. For information on Pest Control Bromley, visit a site like BPC, providers of Pest Control Bromley.

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Some pets can also become allergic to flea bites which is a more serious problem. It’s important to regularly apply flea medication to keep on top of the issue. Another way to tell if your pet has fleas is to observe its behaviour. If there is evidence of scratching and an inability to settle, then you should take a closer look in the fur for evidence of flea dirt in the form of tiny black dots.



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