How to avoid a very big problem.

Back in the 1980’s computers were much simpler. The connections that we now have were not as established and systems were linked via standard analogue phone lines. Whilst this was fine and worked ok there was always the need to push for more. However, there was always the danger that the something could go wrong and in the film WarGames they certainly, almost did. Computers had always been a cause for concern and source of anxiety in the movies but this film was going to hit the the other very worrying subject at the time, namely the Cold War and possibility of Nuclear destruction, between the USA and the Soviet Union. When David, an American high school computer genius, decides to hack into the militaries supercomputer, the WOPR, then the chaps and chapettes at NORAD really need to make a call to the IT department.  Hopefully you won’t be faced with the same issues but if your business does need support then a visit to IT Support Cheltenham based company at will help you to get that cover.

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The problem starts when, after a quick bout of grade changing to impress his potential girlfriend, David stumbles across access to the military computer WOPR. The WOPR is a big grey cupboard that basically spends all day and night trying to figure out how to win a Nuclear war against Russia playing out all of the possible scenarios that there could be. It asks David if it would like to play a game? Chess is its preference, it’s probably bored with destroying the world every five minutes. However, as bad luck would have it, David is keen on a game of Global Thermonuclear War and WOPR agrees. Choosing to be Russia, which is lucky as it turns out, David goes first and launches pretty much everything the Russian’s have at the USA. He then pops off to school thinking none the worse will come from his actions.

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Unfortunately this time the WOPR, which is charge of all the Nuclear Weapons interprets this as a real attack (not the first time this has happened, there are comparisons to real life here) and sets about getting all of the US missiles and bomber crews ready to go. The only problem is the Russians plainly haven’t launched anything even though the screens in NORAD are telling everyone in the building that they very much have!

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