The Benefits of Wooden Windows

Not only do wooden windows tend to look nicer, but the quality and design of timber windows is better than ever before.

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Modern wooden window frames are made out of specially engineered timber. The timber has the look and feel of real wood but has additional benefits which result in a much stronger product. One of the main features is the ability to fight moisture. The multi-layered design forms a barrier which prevents moisture from getting into the wood and stops it from becoming warped. The innovative design means it can withstand all weather conditions and is therefore the obvious and perfect choice for windows.

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Reduced Wastage

Almost all of the wood set aside for windows is used, and only the knots are removed. The reason this is possible is that all the different pieces of wood are joined together to form the multilayering effect, resulting is very little wastage.


Wooden windows are painted with specially formulated paint that is waterproof and also acts as an additional seal against wet weather and moisture. Many different colours and finishes are available, allowing customers choice as well as protection.


As well as providing quality, wooden windows can look great, especially if designed used wood beading machines. Different styles offer consumers choice and budget options.

For those working in the industry, wood beading machines can produce perfect joints effectively and efficiently, producing a professional finish on a variety of different woods.

A local college in Northern Ireland has recently announced its first level 2 female apprentice in carpentry and are hoping her story will inspire other young women to consider carpentry as a career choice.

Thermal Effect

Wood acts as a natural insulator and can also act as a draught protector. The days of rattling windows and cold air getting in through the gaps are long gone with modern designs and even sash windows offering protection.

Whether you are upgrading your existing property, looking to invest in a new property or planning to buy your first home, take time to consider the windows. Having properly designed and fitted windows can reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint. Many new windows can be ordered and fitted in a relatively short period of time. They can prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

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