Most dangerous places to drive

Driving is a fun but potentially dangerous activity. Each year, almost 1.3 million people are killed in road accidents, which equates to over 3,000 every single day. 50 million are injured and most of these victims are under the age of 44.

Research completed by the World Health Organization has named the most dangerous places to drive when looking at factors such as traffic laws, social stability, conditions of roads, pedestrian movement and police behaviour.

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The very worst place to drive is Eritrea with a whopping 48.4 road deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Libya comes a close second worst with 40.5 deaths per 100,000. Iraq scores poorly with 31.5 deaths per 100,000 residents. This doesn’t give British drivers too much to worry about, as they are far flung destinations unlikely to be on our holiday destination list. However, two countries that do score badly and are visited by many Brits each year are South Africa and Thailand with 31.9 and 38.1 deaths per 100,000.

Some particularly dangerous roads can also be found in Laos, Kenya, Ecuador, Brazil, Vietnam and Paraguay. Other dangerous driving conditions can be found in Venezuela, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic.

If you’re looking for a driving holiday that’s nice and safe, visit Norway as it’s one of the safest places to drive in the world. Other interesting findings include the fact that driving in America is twice as dangerous as driving in Canada and Portugal is not as safe as the rest of the Western Europe.

The countries with the lowest death rates are:

Norway – 2.9 deaths per 100,000

Denmark and Sweden – 3

Britain – 3.5

Switzerland – 3.4

Israel – 3.3

Maldives – 1.9

San Marino – 0

Road safety is being improved all the time, but some of the responsibility must rest with the drivers themselves. Driving carefully is crucial for safety. Those who drive recklessly put passengers, road users and pedestrians at risk. Even a small collision causes financial trouble, road disruption, insurance claims and possibly legal action. Make sure you learn to drive carefully with a trusted Driving instructor Market Harborough like

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Driving carefully also has financial benefits to consider. Being a safe driver can lead to reductions in your insurance premium. If you have a tracker fitted to your vehicle, you can prove you’re a safe driver as the data is sent directly to your insurance company. Premiums are based on factors like how many accidents you’ve been involved in, whether you’ve had any claims made against you or whether you’ve made claims. The safer you drive, the less chance you have of being involved in any incidents that could raise your insurance payments.


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