How to restart Google Chrome using a bookmark

As we discussed in our article on the loss of user fees by Microsoft Edge, Chrome is the most used browser currently. It is found in almost 56% of the world’s computers, which automatically gives it a place of privilege in today’s browser wars.

In addition, with the innovations that will be included in the future will make the navigation a little more secure for its users declaring insecure URLs that collect passwords and credit cards. As for how it behaves on a day to day basis, it works quite well. It does not need to be restarted often, but in case of having to do it it is more comfortable to restart it from a marker without leaving the program.

Add auto-restart to bookmark

Chrome has a number of internal pages that host all sorts of hidden settings . All of them use the scheme chrome://algo. In fact, we could restart the browser by typing chrome://restart, but it is much less cumbersome to create an automatic process to facilitate the task.

First we have to make the bookmarks bar visible . If it is not present in the browser, pressing Control + Shift + B will be displayed.

The next step is to open any webpage and drag the icon to the left of the URL to the bookmarks bar.

Then right- click on the newly created bookmark and select “Edit.”

In the menu fields that appear, change the name of the bookmark to Restart Chrome or something like that. Then, change the URL to chrome://restartand click “Save”.

If you now click the bookmark Chrome will restart automatically.

When the program restarts, it will restore the open tabs whether you added them in the settings or not.

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