Reasons to treat yourself to a new bed

Ideally, you should spend around eight hours a night in bed. For a place that we spend so many hours, it needs to be just right, or we could be storing up a whole host of problems for ourselves. Sleeping surfaces are advancing all the time as we understand more about how beneficial sleep is to our health and well-being. Here are some reasons why you should treat yourself to a new bed:

  1. Time and money well spent

If you follow the recommended advice, 8 hours a night equates to around one third of your life spent in bed. After half a century, you’ll have spent 16 years in bed. That should be reason enough to make sure you have the best possible sleeping experience. For Beds Gloucester, visit

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  1. Your Health

Getting enough quality sleep is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle and for illness prevention. It’s all about the quality of sleep too, not just the duration. Having a great bed can really improve your life.

  1. The Right Size

You could be sleeping in a bed that’s too small. A standard double bed provides one person just 2ft 3in of room. Putting that into perspective means you are getting less room than a baby in a cot!

  1. Getting Taller

Humans are getting taller and also wider. A bit more space in the bed department could benefit lots of people nowadays, more so than previous generations needed.

  1. Still growing?

Every night, we experience a little growth spurt. Did you know we grow taller by about 2cm when we sleep? During the day, our spines compress but stretch out and recover during the night, adding as much as 2cm to our height.

  1. Trends

If you like keeping up with fashions and trends, then bigger beds are really hot right now!

  1. Fidgeting

On average, we move up to 70 times in our sleep, which can get annoying if you’re sleeping in close proximity to another. Having a little more wiggle room could improve both your night’s sleep.

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  1. Don’t look back

Once you’ve experienced the space and comfort of a larger bed, you won’t want to go back to the way things were before. You’ll wonder how you ever slept in anything else. A King Size is really where it’s at for luxury and comfort. Surveys have shown that even people previously happy with their double beds have tried a King Size and now wouldn’t go back.


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