Why is the German autobahn system so successful?

Europe is home to some of the finest motorways in the world, and the autobahn system in Germany is one of the finest examples. From strict driver licensing schemes to thorough car inspections, here we discuss why the German autobahn system is so successful.

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A strict licensing scheme

To obtain a driving licence in Germany, many driving lessons are required, as well as experience on the autobahn system itself. Drivers must also obtain basic first aid training in addition to passing a road test and challenging multiple choice exam. In total, getting a licence can take around six months, and cost over £1,400. This strict scheme ensures that German motorists using the autobahn are dedicated and diligent drivers, which results in fewer accidents.

Well maintained roads

The road surfaces of the autobahn are constructed from many layers of concrete in order to accommodate high-speed traffic. The surface is also regularly inspected for irregularities or damage. If any anomalies are found on the road surface during an inspection, the entire section of road surrounding the damage is replaced.

Passing correctly is strictly enforced

Like many countries, the left lane is used strictly for passing, and if you are travelling on the road, you must move your car back to the right after passing. However, Germany is one country where this rule is properly followed because motorists pay close attention to the regulations. This ensures that traffic flows freely on the autobahn system.

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Car inspections

Vehicles in Germany are subject to mandatory inspections which ensures they are safe for use on the road, as well as limiting the number of dangerous cars which could put lives at risk.

Chevrons kits means that your vehicle is distinguishable and safe on any road in the world, when driving or when stationary.

Tailgating is regulated

Despite the fact that not many German police cars patrol the roads, any driver caught tailgating could face a €400 fine. This is in stark contrast to the UK, where the penalty is three points on your licence and a fine of only £100. Chevrons kits can also ensure that your van remains visible on the motorway.

Although tailgating is hard to directly connect to the number of rear-end collisions, drivers who tailgate have a reduced reaction time in abrupt situations.

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