In social networks do not sell, seduces you buy

We have profiles in different social networks are like windows that allow connect with each other.

If I’m on Facebook, I decide if I let you be my friend or not, on Twitter, if you want can I follow or you can lock in Google Plus, I teach the publications I want and not so in each of networks according to their characteristics.

These new windows are part of our life and when we opened reflect our personality, tastes and activities that we present through this important channel of communication.

If I start to follow a brand, the reasons driving me to do so can be very varied. From a simple intention to be interested in the information you have, until you want those fans get exclusive discounts, passing any other argument of many that may exist.

Social Media CommunicationHowever, whatever the motivation that leads us to follow a brand, it is obvious that this connection is a definite opportunity for the company that is with an open window to the daily lives of our lives and can take advantage commercial purposes, but must take into account that is in a medium called social networks where what prevails is the user-brand relationship.

The company must develop sufficient skills and knowledge “connect” with that user, and it is he who decides whether to stay with you or not, who decides whether to close that window or not.

If you call the door of a house and do not know you, because you have never spoken before, chances are you will not open the door. However, if you have previously entered into some kind of conversation, the chances of that door opens, they will be much higher and that is one of the benefits found in the networks.

Establishing, as one of our goals, increasing sales through this medium is lawful and should not be rejected, but there are many ways to do it.

Present the product of your company, without further ado, your fans and followers, and try to be sold, it may not give the expected results. However, if we manage to “seduce” our fans with our product, surely improve our results.

This seduction can be posed in many ways depending on the product with which we are dealing, but certainly if something is able to seduce you, get your attention and recorded in the consumer’s mind, becoming the first step for sale.

Some suggestions for achieving this seduction:

  • Let them feel those moments that can live with your product: adventure, good times with friends, various activities …..
  • Show them what you can get with your services and shows your differences.
  • Emotional and let them feel through your product.
  • It highlights the competitive advantages that make you unique and different.
  • Get involved in your day to day and let it become part of it: you are dealing with people, Treat them as such and share their experiences.
  • Uses humor, it is a fantastic weapon of seduction that does not usually fail.

Search this added value to your product that becomes something special and devote yourself to display them in a creative and original way, you can be the step that you need to “seduce” all your fans.

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