Facts About Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for facts about stainless steel, one of the most helpful pieces of information you can find is the fact that it’s so easy to repair. Many of the parts of a typical machine shop, where stainless steel is used for everything from the counter top to the air conditioning system in your car, can be completely restored to their original form simply by polishing them with a special tool designed for this purpose.

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The next important fact about stainless steel is that it’s incredibly durable and it doesn’t dent or scratch easily, but it is pliable enough to be shaped using Roscamat Tapping Machines such as the ones you can see at Cotswold Machinery Sales.

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While it’s true that this material does dent easier than other metals (such as copper), this isn’t because it’s more susceptible to damage. The dent is more likely due to the grinding of the grinding wheel. The truth is that stainless steel has the best overall corrosion resistance of any metal, including copper, nickel and cobalt. And the best news is that this corrosion resistance is maintained over time thanks to the welding process used in stainless steel fabrication.

The final fact about stainless steel that you should know is that it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain. If you haven’t taken a stainless steel cleaner and a mild dish detergent and washed your grill in the past few years, you probably have some built up residue that needs to come out. This is easily cleaned using a cleaner that’s specifically designed for this purpose. The maintenance is minimal and actually quite enjoyable because it removes the grease and grim from the grill’s surface.

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