Emojis for everyone with these six websites from which to copy and paste them

Emojis are becoming giant steps in a universal language. It is worth not that we will be able to serve at all times to communicate properly, although our colleagues tried it, but for many they have become indispensable on a daily basis in the network and they miss them so much when they do not. They have nearby.

To alleviate those moments in which we do not have emojis at hand because we are in the computer, either because the service or the web in question does not facilitate its use, either because our system does not make it easy for us either, we serve on a platter a selection of sites that they allow you to navigate between emoticons to copy them and paste them wherever you want. Long live these little faces!


Emojiers is presented as the best free database of emojis and it is not for less. No apps, no plugins, no downloads allows you to search for emoticons for words that can define them as well as navigate among the more than a thousand that you collect. To copy them to the clipboard, just click on them. And all from the same page!


Although they are not emojis as such, nor do they need to be made! The so-called lenny faces are faces made with different symbols that have as a common feature those eyes so peculiar and disturbing, by adjectives in some mild way. Although LennyFaces is somewhat archaic, it also allows copying with just one click. Easier impossible, right?


They call themselves the emoji search engine and, being honest, they are a strong rival. Emojipedia is a complete website from which we can search for these symbols through words and exploring themes. In addition, when we access the page of each of the emojis, they will explain what they mean and, of course, allow us to copy them.

Emojis for Twitter

Although Twitter allows the use of emojis from their website, Emojis for Twitter facilitated the task long before. From this place you can search among all available, through categories and a search engine, allowing you to write and publish from the web a tweet with emojis. An alternative to consider if Twitter.com fails with emoticons, which sometimes does.


They are “the best tool for finding cute emoticons, kaomoji and other kawaii things”, that’s why they are KawaiiFace. In this case, this website does not have a search engine and will only offer us the option of scrutinizing between different categories such as party faces or weird faces. It is the most innocent side of the lenny faces, there is no doubt.


Finally, allow us a tribute to the famous shrug by collecting CopyShrug. Yes, this website basically allows us to copy the illustrious composition of shrunken shoulders and that already deserves applause. In addition, every time we access the web we will also be presented with a fairly genuine random emoticon as well and will offer us the possibility of buying clothing items featuring the shrug . Let it not be said that we do not love it.

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