Low, Lower, Lowest: What’s Cool in Car Exterior Styling

Fitting a body kit to your car will alter the way it looks. More often than not, though, it won’t be for the better unless you take the time to make some careful choices and wise decisions.

Whats Cool in Car Exterior Styling

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Choose the Right Kit for Your Car

Just because it looks awesome on your friend’s car, it does not mean it will on yours. Curves and angles, lines and shapes all make a difference, and there’s little to be gained and much to be lost buying a kit that doesn’t fit with the style of your car.

Check Your Budget

If you opt for one of the many packages that need spraying, then don’t forget to factor in the cost of preparing and professionally spraying each part. If you try to do this yourself, your precious modifications will peel and look shabby, so don’t forget to add another £300-£1000 at least to the cost of the kit to pay for this.

On older cars where the paint has faded a little, or if you’ve got a few scuffs and scratches, you may even need to get the whole vehicle resprayed to achieve a decent finish.

Pay the Professionals

You wouldn’t try to do plastic surgery on your mum, so why is your car any different? Unless you absolutely know what you’re doing, pay a professional body shop such as www.acefinishcarrepairs.com who specialise in Cambridge powder coating for alloy wheels to do the job for you. Otherwise, you car will end up looking like a dog’s breakfast.

And Remember: You Absolutely Do Get What You Pay For

A cheap, ill-fitting kit will look cheap and ill-fitting. If you cut corners at any stage of the process, it will show, and far from making your car look better or adding value, you will only achieve the complete opposite effect.

Modifying your car can be a genuinely fun and rewarding process, but do remember that you need to make sure that you have the funds, knowledge and expertise either to do the job properly yourself or – more usually – pay a professional body shop to do it for you. Unless, of course, you happen to have enough spare change lying around to buy yourself a new car when it all goes horribly wrong.

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