What to do before a court of digestion?

What to do before a court of digestion? That is the question that many of us will put to us in those moments when the cramps and stomach pain threaten us after giving us the dip. In our blog we speak about the solutions that you have within your reach.

What is a court of digestion?

What we understand as cutting digestion is the sudden stop of the digestion process. This stop may occur for various reasons, but usually we associate the fact of getting into the water right after eating. Other scenarios that can lead to cutting digestion are strenuous sport finish eating, excessive sweating or sunbathing at high temperatures.

What to do before a court of digestionSymptoms cut digestion

Those who have suffered from this problem have faced chills, stomach pain, cramps, weak pulse, paleness, decreased blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, and in some cases even loss of consciousness.

On the other hand, in the most extreme situations they have occurred cardiac arrests, although not very common this type of symptoms. In the event that some of these symptoms cutting digestion occur in your body, it is best to leave the water or to cease development of your exercise if necessary and seek help.

Court digestion: to do!

The question is, when we are in this situation, what can we do before a court of digestion?

The first is out of the water or to cease the practice of sport that the affected person is performing. In the event that is wet, it dries and you tomb with slightly elevated legs. Attention must be paid to the person keep his body heat with it would be convenient cover her with coats, towels or clothing that is at hand.

If I started to vomit and suffer diarrhea will have to be re-hydrated with water and, depending on the severity, follow a liquid diet for a few days. The important thing about this process is to recover blood pressure. The recovery period varies depending on the person who is suffering the cut of digestion, can be between one to two hours.

Although, as we see, is not of a mortal importance, in a very small number of cases can be reached cardio respiratory arrest as commented in previous lines. But, as we say, this is strange. More common is the person ends up passing out while in the water, which itself is really dangerous.

The key to preventing this evil are not entering the water abruptly after eating, even less if you have been a heavy meal; and not to exercise after the meal. Simply you have to respect the digestion process that the human body needs.

Once you know what to do with a cut of digestion, you number them with the tools to act correctly against weapons such situations. Do you guys have had a similar experience at some point have acted? How about it?

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