Re-invigorate your customer base

The competitive modern marketplace means that businesses are constantly under pressure to attract new customers and keep existing ones.
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Unfortunately, this is easier said than done in the omnichannel world, where consumers are faced with an incredible amount of choice. The use of digital marketing methods is set to broaden even further. While this presents businesses with opportunities, it also means they have to work harder to be heard and to gain a share of the attention within what is a fiercely competitive arena.

Customer retention

Research suggests that finding new customers costs significantly more money than retaining existing ones, so once a connection has been made, it is important to nurture the relationship and not let it stagnate in order to keep these consumers loyal to the brand.

Here are some tips for keeping a customer base happy and re-invigorating inactive consumers.

Utilise previous transaction history

There is great insight to be gained from the analysis of previous transactional behaviour. You should use this information to make interactions with each customer more personal and targeted. Constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the success of each communication. This can be done by isolating a control group and testing their reactions each time you communicate with them. Use this information to maximise the effectiveness of each and every interaction. This might include timing, offers, the channels used, and any follow-up action that is required. Many of these tasks can be more effectively carried out using membership management systems such as

Increase customer engagement

Create greater levels of engagement by including a memorable subject line in each email correspondence. Once customers have taken the trouble to open an email, the content itself must also be engaging enough to encourage them to take action. Constantly assess and reassess what works and what doesn’t. Make communication interactive and interesting. Make it easy for the consumer to take action, whether it’s on a mobile device on the go or sitting at home in front of the laptop.

Don’t over-communicate.

Finally, clogging up people’s email with hundreds of irrelevant communications will only serve to alienate them. Instead, adopt a “less is more” attitude and make correspondence timely and relevant. Working out exactly when a customer becomes inactive will help achieve a good balance.

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