Find it hard to delegate?

Got a lot on your plate but can’t delegate? You’re not alone. Many managers find delegating tasks very difficult to do, but why?


A manager knows that the buck stops with them, so in terms of responsibility, it can be tough to let go and pass a job to someone else for this reason. Many believe that if you want a job done, do it yourself. However, it’s important to realise that a job doesn’t have to be done exactly as the manager would do it to meet the organisation’s goals.

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Too much time

Managers may often feel that it is a waste of time explaining a task when they could just do it themselves. However, this is a short term answer for an already overburdened manager. Thinking long term, passing a task over, even with some training time, will free the manager up in the future. For professional and highly competent Remote PA services to delegate to, visit


Some managers want a job done in a certain way and feel compelled to control it themselves. They might also fear the appearance of a loss of control and power over staff if they are no longer the only person who can do a task. There might also be an element of worry about being shown up, in that the staff member might complete the job better than the manager.

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If you find it hard to let go, think about how much more effective you could be if you had more time to focus on core business matters. Let go of the smaller jobs and direct your energy where it matters most.

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