The recommendations determinants for local businesses

The opinions and advice of our fellow men have increasingly influence our purchasing decisions. A reality that reaffirms the survey BrightLocal.

A study where the position of US consumers (90%) and Canada (10%) with recommendations on local businesses is collected, based on the response of 2,104 consumers.

Almost all consumers (88%) looking recommendations of this type when choosing a local business; either regularly (39%) or occasionally (88%). A trend that has increased no less than 85% in the last year.

The recommendations determinants for local businessesThis type of information generates confidence, which accrues to the company. 70% of respondents indicated that positive ratings for a business lead him to rely more on it.

The gain in relevance online recommendations

The study asked about the degree of confidence that inspire the opinions that customers find online To that end, it has been seen that 1 out of every 3 customers (32%) takes into account the online recommendations if the product or service in question has several of them. This represents a 25% increase over the previous year. Specifically, 66% of customers need to read more than 6 of these assessments, to be convinced that they are true.

Meanwhile, another 30%, takes into account these comments on local companies if, in its sole discretion, believes they are real. A percentage that has remained unchanged since 2013.

26% (24% more than the previous year) also gives credibility to the opinions only on certain types of companies. The study indicates that it is especially important for customers, which, on the one hand, doctors and dentists (47%), and other restaurants and cafes (46%), have an impeccable reputation.

It is therefore not surprising that recommendations on hotel services are the most demanded on the internet (56%), followed by doctors and dentists (38%); to then continue with general stores (36%) and fashion in particular (34%).

As reflected in the study, consumer opinions count, and every day. A fact for which it is necessary to take care of the customer experience, and work to cultivate satisfied customers.

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