Remove negative comments is not the best option to manage reputation online

For businesses, resist the temptation to remove a review on Facebook or Google can be difficult, but try to plug an error achieved only deepen

Manage the online reputation of a company is much more than opening up new profiles on social networks and share fashion publications will eventually.

Online platforms are presented as spaces for exchange and interaction with customers and fans of the brand. Internet users dare to say openly what they think, and their opinions can often embarrass companies. However, as he explained Silvina Moschini, the proper management of critical online can be even beneficial for the image of a brand. Conversely, if you try to hide a mistake, it is very likely that all that is achieved is worse.

Remove negative comments is not the best option to manage reputation onlineHere, we show the case of SapientNitro, and what difficulties arose when the company tried to hide the negative comments about your brand in the online universe. In addition, the specialist provides some hints and tips for properly managing the public image of a brand on the web.

The well – known advertising agency SapientNitro recently experienced a strong reality check about what it means to manage online reputation. The company rose to his Facebook profile a promotional video (auto) entitled Idea Engineers with which purported to show the creativity of its employees. However, the impact was quite negative, and dozens of users began to post comments ridiculing the company and wondering how an advertising agency could have done such a bad job.

But the worst was yet to come. Instead of going to respond to criticism and deal with the situation, the agency took the worst possible decision: to remove from your Facebook profile on the controversial video along with critical comments sailors. Automatically, the affair SapientNitro took a much larger dimension through Twitter, and specialized websites echo his mistake the company made. SapientNitro was forced to publish a note on his blog responding to criticism of sailors. But then his image on social networks had already been severely damaged.

Criticism as an opportunity

There is a recurring fear among companies that want to start developing a positioning strategy in social networks: how to deal with negative comments? The new communication paradigm posed platforms online sociability puts corporations face an unprecedented scenario: they face publicly, criticism of discontented with their products, services, users, and how they develop their strategies communication.

Although it sounds counter intuitive, companies must understand that the comment of a non-conforming user can become an opportunity. A recent study (pdf) of the firm Harris Interactive shows that a negative review can be reversed and even result in an increase in sales.

The research, conducted in the United States, revealed that 68% of users who posted a negative comment on the social networks regarding the purchase of a product during a recent vacation were contacted by the seller. Surprisingly, after that contact 34% of users deleted the negative comments. 33% changed its position and issued a positive comment and, most importantly, 18% repurchased brand products which had initially criticized.

Knowing how to identify the need for users

The first question is usually done a professional brand communication when you receive a negative feedback on social networks is “How do I hide?”. This reaction may seem logical. However, the question we should ask in a situation like this is: “What are you looking for users to leave a negative comment?”.

Believe it or not, answer to this question is quite simple. What boaters seeking is nothing more and nothing less than an answer. An authoritative voice on behalf of the company, show your willingness to solve the problem that the user is considering. And that, if necessary, be humble and smart enough to admit that mistakes have been made in the service.

The Harris Interactive study cited previously adds that 32% of users who did not get a response to the negative comments, 61% had shown surprised if the seller had contacted. Here lies the opportunity of the social networks as platforms to deal with the negative feedback from consumers. Surely, a lot of consumers who did not expect a response to their demands had changed his initial position should receive it.

Learn from mistakes

Social networking companies subject to a degree of exposure that was nonexistent in traditional media. This problem, which we have previously developed in this section, makes brands face the challenge of managing their reputation in an environment where consumers have a wealth of unprecedented power.

In addition, companies have an opportunity that can not be missed. They can know in real time the views of consumers, respond to them and, if properly handle the situation, reverse negative impressions. Under any view should try to hide or remove user reviews.

The recent case of SapientNitro shows that companies are required to manage their image in increasingly complex environments. In this context, public speeches about a brand are not unilaterally managed by its promoters. Users have more and more weight, and companies must give space for expression, listen to and respect their opinions. Otherwise, a single critical comment can turn into a real crisis.

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