The front of your house is a selling point

There is a very old saying that is probably one of the truest ever said; first impressions last. This is especially true when it comes to selling your home when it’s time to move on or you are looking to attract potential renters to a property that you have bought for the purpose. What can you do to make sure that first impression lasts? Here are a few things that can help.

  1. The Lawn/Garden. Make sure that this is well maintained. Have the grass cut regularly and short. Don’t let the whole thing become overgrown with weeds or flowers that go out of control. It suggests that you don’t care about the place.

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  1. A new front door. A tatty front door that is chipped or showing a lack of paint is a big turnoff for any prospective buyer. If it looks like it’s going to need replacing then it puts in the mind of the buyer what else might need doing as well.
  2. The meter box. If this is cracked or broken or the door is missing it can make the place look very untidy. Best to replace it and make sure the thing is secure with a Metal Meter Box. A Metal Meter Box is a smart and safe addition to the front of the home as it looks good and it protects an important part of the home.

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  1. Smart brick work. If your house is made of bricks then you need to make sure that the pointing is up to spec and that the cement is not eroding and needs to be replaced.
  2. Paint the front. If you have rendering fill and cracks and then invest in some exterior paint to give it a freshen up.

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