The quiet revolution is coming?

In homes and dwellings a quiet revolution is growing apace. It may well have huge ramifications for all our working lives and certainly for the world and the wider economy. Living rooms, conservatories and bedrooms are suddenly taking on a dual purpose in the family home. Taking advantage of such services as readily available Next day office furniture home working is starting to look like becoming a permanent fixture in our lives.

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What does this all mean for the future? The benefits for the Earth are there to see. There will be no need for the lengthy polluting commute, no need for a huge air conditioned office (plus the end of paying the business rates that this demands), no need for so many cars or even public transport. Not only that, what of the businesses that survive on the office population? The ancillary staff of cleaners and security will become surplus as well.

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For many the current trend of homeworking is a nightmare and they need the ability to leave the home and go to work. The line between the two has to be established but there is also the quiet revolution of the newly created homeworker who is going to question why they need to go back to the office if the system is currently working. They will ask employers, rightly, if it was ok then, and it benefited you, why can it not continue when it benefits me now? How employers are going to find a half filled office with some in and some out of it. Where does this leave us going forward? Only time will tell.

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