How to Make Your Packing Process More Efficient

Creating a more efficient packing process can help you deliver great customer service, increase order fulfilment rates and support growth. A well-defined workflow, clear guidelines for packing and intuitive solutions will all play a part in delivering a successful outcome. It is worth reevaluating your packing processes from time to time, and identifying and improving any inefficiencies that are impacting your productivity.

  1. Organise Your Workspace

If your boxes and packing materials are scattered around the warehouse or packing area, it will be difficult to fulfil orders efficiently. Keep all items, such as fast-moving products and branded tissue paper, close to your packing station to reduce searching time and boost labour productivity. It is also worth reviewing your supply chain to ensure you have enough packaging supplies, from boxes and tape to envelopes and labels on hand. Setting up auto-ordering and other measures to restock supplies regularly will help you keep your packing lines running smoothly.

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  1. Minimise Packaging Waste

Every extra handling step when shipping goods can add up and significantly increase the cost of your operation. Packaging experts can identify opportunities for streamlining your packing processes and reducing the number of times products are handled. For Contract Filling, visit

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  1. Encourage a Comfortable Packing Environment

The amount of stress that is placed on your team members’ bodies during the packing process can have a significant impact on the speed and accuracy of their work. Investing in ergonomic equipment, such as anti-fatigue mats for the packing bench, will minimise discomfort and reduce the risk of injuries that could slow down workflows.

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