Trees you will find in the UK

Trees are all around us and vital to our very existence and here are some of the most prevalent trees found in the UK that have been growing here forĀ  majestically 400 million years. They will still all need the attention of Dorset Tree Surgeon based company like Kieran Boyland to care for them.

Oak English

Because of its stalks or peduncles, that hold the fruit or acorn, the tree should be called the better known as pedunculate oak. With a thick trunk, wide, crooked branches and a vast crown, it is the most commonly discovered oak in the UK. The female trees show flowering blooms, while the males exhibit hanging catkins.

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The Common Beech

Distinctive for its massive dome shape, when it blooms bright-green in May, it looks magnificent. Only plants happy to live in the shade will thrive under this shadow because of the scale of the canopy. This tree really comes into its own in autumn, when the leaves glow bright orange and then a deep red/brown colour.

English Elm

Such a magnificent tree used to be linked to sorrow and death, probably because of the sudden dropping of its branches. It was once a common sight, but an epidemic of Dutch elm disease in the Seventies badly ruined it. There is a round-tip on the leaves of the English elm and the flowers look like tassels in late winter. The tassels become fruits known as samaras upon pollination, which are then carried by the breeze far away.

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Hazel Popular

These trees were once believed to possess supernatural abilities, living up to 80 years and reaching heights of 40 feet. Before they shed old ones and hairy leaves replace them, they grow yellow catkins. In a spiky green case, the small female flowers are red-tipped and develop into groups of up to four brown nuts.

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