Still far from full adoption of responsive design

According to a report by the IAB, only 11% of the 100 major brands and advertisers Responsive design applies on its website. These include brands from the likes of Microsoft, Chanel or Nissan.

Although adaptation Responsive design is still moving slowly, yes there is a general awareness of the need to adapt the web for different devices. The same source indicates that 58% of the top 100 advertisers already have a mobile optimized site.

Still far from full adoption of responsive designIt should be noted that there are sectors that are more advanced in this area. The study by Econsultancy among its subscribers indicates that 46% of them already use the responsive design. In another study by Econsultancy and RedEye developed a greater concern for mobile optimization is appreciated by the organizations. 35% had a site specially designed for mobile and 23% for tablets; which implies a 10% more than in 2011.

Reality shows that even 4 out of 5 companies do not have a site adapted for smart screens. This is detrimental to your bottom line. 62% of the companies that has a mobile-friendly site, along with 64% of those who have opted for the tablets have managed to increase their sales.

Why use responsive design?

The main advantage of using this technology, which allows perfect adaptation of web content to mobile devices is to improve the user experience, thereby improving the convertibility of the site.

A bad mobile experience negatively affects brands. 79% of mobile users who come to a website that is not optimized, leave this site looking for another site where you can see thoroughly. 52% of users feel less committed to companies that do not care about their online presence on mobile, and 48% sincerely frustrated, or angry with the company.

Hurts sales. 67% of customers prefer to buy an optimized mobile web. In addition, a suitable site for mobile helps retain customers. 74% of these consumers indicates that it is more likely to return to a website that has had a positive mobile experience.

Although the evolution towards Responsive design progresses very slowly, awareness by companies is increasing, allowing see green shoots in this regard, with a consequent increase in improving the user experience.

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