The renewed role of marketing content to attract and retain customers

Content marketing is a valuable technique to attract customers, increase awareness of the brand, build trust, or get leads a non-intrusive way. Hence companies increasingly bet more for it within your marketing strategy.

90% of companies content marketing practices, an area to which allocated 25% of its budget. In addition, about 80% believe that is the future of marketing, and should be as a central part of the strategy of any company.

The renewed role of marketing content to attract and retain customersIts advantages include its ability to:

  • Promote engagement with the target audience. The content marketing goes beyond pure information, data or promotions on the brand. Through its actions in this area the company conveys a different side, which can be more technical or professional part, his human and emotional side. Everything depends on your strategy, but in any case, cease to be a brand that only intends to sell.
  • Encourage dialogue. His actions in this area are aimed to give rise to the conversation, seek interaction with recipients, opinions, contributions and interactions. Unlike traditional communication actions, here it is possible and expected a direct response from the public, beyond the buying action.
  • Generate actions that are disseminated through different channels, thereby increasing the contact points with customers. The same piece of content is likely to be shared across multiple channels, extending its coverage and the possibility of reaching the public objective.
  • Improve SEO company strategy. The new guidelines that mark the searchers go through to assess interactions and user response as a factor to determine the relevance of content and, by extension, its issuer. On the other hand, a really good content is referenced from different sites, generating links naturally, another indicator that reinforces its importance for searchers.

At this point the question is how to design an effective content strategy?

First, it should thoroughly study the target audience, in order to know their preferences and interests. Thus also it is possible to figure out which social platforms move what content share or how to interact in these media.

On the other hand, we must find the most popular keywords related to the activity or company and what type of content is what works best. To this can be very useful to study the competition, see what kind of content is the most popular and how it could be improved.

From here, we conducted an internal analysis and review the resources at our disposal. It is important to harness the potential of the company, both for economic reasons and because it can reside here our main differential value. In our company philosophy, skills of our employees and experts or in the case of the experts or innovative projects that are taking place we can find interesting ways to exploit the content strategy.

We can also involve influencers and experts in the field, making them participants of our proposals. They help shape the ideas, and the point of raising them more useful to the target audience view and therefore most likely to be effective.

It is important to consider all the possibilities before jumping to generate content. This does not have to be in text mode, but can be transformed into computer graphics, video or podcast become. It will depend on resources, the message to be transmitted and the purpose of the strategy.

Once created content What actions need to be made to maximize results?

To ensure greater extent, it is necessary to make the message spread across as many channels as possible. Hence, in the first instance, the content is displayed perfectly across all devices, and tools are provided to be shared.Sometimes we ignore something as simple as social buttons.

  • Stay alert to the evolution of the actions. At any time there may be a chance to impact our audience with the right message.Something only succeed if we monitor the social conversation and we are actively involved with our followers.
  • Measure, and optimize act. On the Internet , everything is measurable, therefore, allows real – time results, correcting any defects, strengthen weak points and relaunch the shares.
  • Seek support. Resorting to influencers, contacts or opinion leaders, but never in an intrusive way, but dialogue and proactive. If the content is really worth much we won.
  • Knowing the conversion rate and the benefits obtained .Should never lose sight of the goal: either the brand awareness, lead generation or getting new followers. It must always be clearly highlighted. Both as a call to action, links to the web or social profiles, registration form or social widgets. They are very reliable indicators of the results of the actions.

Definitely, content marketing opens up a channel of contact with the target audience completely different from the actions of communication and traditional marketing techniques. The possibilities are endless, and allow to achieve goals that would otherwise be very difficult, such as to build trust and a direct approach to the target audience.

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