Content marketing needs more than SEO and social media

Many resources are used to create own content for brands. Only in the UK 94% of companies working content marketing strategies. But usually their work is limited to place and tag a few keywords in a post that hangs on the blog of the brand and published repeatedly on Twitter over several weeks.Quality content, however, has a much longer shelf life to be able to take advantage.

Many companies are left in the hands of SEO and social media leaving the consumer all the weight and the responsibility of finding the content of the brand. Because it requires them to actively seek (SEO) or because let tripped over the content on social networks. Not that both tools are not necessary for content marketing are extremely important and basic to any strategy, but incomplete. Brands with more experience are aware that they need to actively promote that content to extract all the juice you have, to bring more traffic to their websites and build positive relationships with their consumers. Econsultancy suggests some tactics for this:

Content marketing needs more than SEO and social mediaThere is life beyond SEO

Content optimization for SEO is critical in any digital marketing strategy and contribution of articles, post and other content on brand positioning in the search results pages is not questioned. But it is not sufficient guarantee to ensure getting enough traffic. In fact, only 45% of companies consider SEO as the main criterion for measuring the success of a strategy content (Content Marketing Institute).

A good and accurate SEO strategy will help you find the website of the brand for those users looking for a content specifically. But it is true that often it is only partly related to the keywords of the brand. For example, it is reasonable that a leading brand in the production of bread make a post on “The tastiest fillings for children’s lunches.” With current search algorithms most likely search results lead consumers to the website of the brand that makes these fillers, before which manufactures bread.

Make your content looks

The main objective and most of the concerns of the brands that are betting on content marketing is to generate knowledge and brand awareness, even above the lead generation, or web traffic. Therefore, it is not enough to promote that content on Twitter if the company only has a handful of followers or post it on your blog if you just have visits. Other support needs.

These can be reached by email, including content in emails and newsletters to customers who have authorized their shipment; and also through sponsored links on pages that are relevant to the theme of the brand links.Placing ads that link to content can ensure that it is seen as part of the navigation strictly as an advertisement.

Take full advantage of your editorial content more relevant

To communicate effectively with consumers, marketers need to know that the content and strategy must be consistent with the consumption patterns of users. That is, although there are a few consumers who are actively seeking content brands or find it on social networks, many others also tend to jump from one article to another through the links that are commonly found at the end of each post . Brands that are able to place your content into relevant pieces maximize the chances that consumers click on your content.

Revises, rewrites and rethinks

Many companies overlook that there are ways to reformulate the content they already have to make the best ROI possible. A talented writer knows to turn one piece and rewrite it or divide it into several parts. As a good professional Video know convert a meeting about a new product in an attractive three-minute piece that can be hung on the channel of the company to engage the audience.

It is no coincidence that most companies, at least in the UK, indicate to produce enough content and quality content and attractive are the main challenges are on the table in this field. Therefore, locate and hire qualified internal or external personnel to these tasks crucial for a sustainable marketing strategy for the brand content.

Listen to your audience

Always listen the answer offered by those to whom the content is directed.And listening is measured, check what type of content has a greater impact among consumers and know where to breathe the audience preferences.Indicators such as the duration of the visit, interaction with the content and sources and volume of traffic go help redesigning the strategy drawn.

When executed properly, content marketing is a very powerful tool for generating brand awareness, project its image and values in the virtual environment and maintain the relationship with their consumers. But there is no doubt that support the strategies of SEO and social media with active promotion of content ensures that quality content in which the company has spent so much time and resources is seen by consumers.

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