Canned products: yes, but knowing how to choose

When we talk about canned products, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic can of tuna, mackerel or sardines. Today canned products include many other foods besides fish, such as canned chicken breast or foal. But are canned products healthy? Yes, but knowing how to choose.

Although at no time should be considered a substitute for fresh fish, no doubt, traditional preserves are a quick and simple option to take a healthy dose of protein through quality food that has undergone a thorough thermal process for its conservation.

Although this process can reduce some of its nutritional properties, the truth is that in some cases have other advantages such as increased fatty acids or better protein assimilation if compared with fresh fish. But yes, we will benefit from certain advantages as long as we know how to correctly choose canned products.

  • Amount of sodium : one of the reasons why we should not abuse canned is precisely the amount of sodium acquired from processing. Currently there are low-salt canned varieties that should be the appropriate choice in cases of people who use them frequently or who have hypertension problems .
    The sodium content is an important fact that we must review when we choose a preserves since the nutritional composition can vary significantly from one product to another.
  • Incorporated oils : the majority of the canned ones that are consumed are usually in sunflower or olive oil, which represents a caloric increase of the food to be taken into account. If we follow a hypocaloric plan or simply do not want to spend calories, the ideal is to opt for natural-preserved oils free.
  • Canned in sauce : without a doubt the worst canned option that we can choose. In addition to the amount of sodium and the high caloric intake they suppose, the sauces that they incorporate carry a myriad of additives, preservatives and dyes that turn “the little” of food they contain into a product that is not recommended.

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