Four Tips to Help you Keep your Garage safe from Burglars

As the longer darker nights arrive, something that we all need to be aware of more is the risk of burglaries. The dark means that burglars have more opportunities, and garages and sheds are often targets for them as they tend to be easier for burglars to get in and out of unseen than the rest of the house, and they also tend to contain valuable things like machinery and tools.

Here are four tips to help you keep your garage safe this winter…

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Don’t leave the Door Open – If you are doing some work outside, it is tempting to leave the garage door open so that you can go back and forth – however, this is a welcome advertisement to a burglar, and they could get in and out quickly with your belongings.

Make Sure your Door is Safe – If you have an older garage door or have been having some problems with it, contact someone like this garage doors Bristol based company to have the door replaced with a more secure one.

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Use Security Lighting – If you have light in and around the garage it is much less appealing to a burglar who won’t want to be seen. You can get motion sensitive lighting to use around the perimeter of your garage and your garden.

Cover the Windows – Burglars often like to scope a place out beforehand, so if they can see in and see what is in there, they might be tempted to come back for it later. Keep windows to your garage covered so they can’t see in.

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