How to successfully settle abroad

Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences of adult life so, if you have decided to relocate abroad, it might seem like an even more daunting prospect. Don’t expect to settle in straight away, be patient with yourself. It can several months to begin to feel at home in a foreign country. Here are some handy hints to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  1. Learn the language

Moving to a country where English isn’t the first language can be a nerve-wracking experience. The best thing to do is to throw yourself into the culture when you’re there but learn some of the basics before you go. Knowing enough to get through the basic interactions of daily life will make things less overwhelming when you first arrive, and the locals will greatly appreciate it. For details of Property for sale in France, Review houses for sale in France online at

  1. Get to know the neighbours

Make friends with your neighbours as they are most likely to be the ones who can tell you about the neighbourhood and give you the insider information about the best restaurants etc. Neighbours often tend to be much more friendly and welcoming than we are used to in Britain so embrace their hospitality and learn as much as you can about where you live.

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  1. Volunteer

If you aren’t working abroad but have retired for example, volunteering can be a great way to meet new people with shared interests. Organisations such as charities and local churches are almost always grateful for extra help. You can broaden your horizons, learn a lot of the area and even pick up new skills and interests in the process.

  1. Get Involved

Don’t be afraid to get out into the community and get involved. Visit local restaurants, join a gym, sign up to a local mother and baby group. A simple ‘hello’ is often all you need to start a conversation so don’t be shy and you’ll soon start to fit right in and make new friends.

  1. Expat Community

If you’re feeling a little estranged, then search the internet for any expat forums in your new country. These can be a great source of information about your new home and you can connect with people who have been through exactly the same process. Perhaps they organise a get together, or can direct you to some expat bars and restaurants in the area.

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  1. Be a Tourist

Don’t forget to be a tourist when you first arrive. It’s ok to visit the tourist sights and attractions and it’s a great way to become attuned to the culture and history of your new country of residence. Be sure to soak up all the culture on offer, such as museums, art galleries, ancient sites and other nearby cities for example. You’ll learn a lot and it will help you to feel a part of your new cultural surroundings.

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