Evaluate your strength and abdominal health with this new test

If your goal is to know your abdominal strength-resistance to evaluate the stability of your middle area, and therefore, your spine, do not hesitate a moment, this is your test !.

It is a simple way to quantify at what point of physical form your core is. It is a test of abdominal strength that you can perform individually or better as a couple. In addition, it is also an excellent test to pass in collective sports such as football, handball, basketball, volleyball, etc., in adversary sports such as tennis, judo, boxing, etc., or in individual sports such as runners, gymnasts, etc. . Without forgetting its enormous utility in the classes of [Physical Education] (The Nightmare of Childhood Obesity: World Alarm # EF1h Daily), where we need to use tests with large groups in a reliable and standardized way, forgetting the harmful sit-ups in 30 “of Test batteries recognized as the Eurofit Leave the past behind, and change the way you evaluate this test.

Technique for the correct performance of the test

The initial position is in abdominal prone plate with support of forearms and feet on the floor. Under the athlete’s stomach, a ball of the correct size will be placed, and on top of this, the hand of the couple, as a tactile witness. In addition, on your lower back, we will support a cone, which in turn will hold a tennis ball. The elbows should fall just below the vertical line projecting the shoulders toward the ground, and the look slightly forward to place the neck in a neutral position.

The test will end if the couple’s hand is touched with the stomach, or the ball, if the test is done individually, or the tandem cone-tennis ball falls to the ground. This shows a lack of control and stability of the core, when arching the lumbar area, raising the gluteal area, or displacing the torso, shoulders or hips to compensate with other muscles the lack of abdominal strength.

Once you see the video, do the test, and leave me a comment with your age, sex, sports habits and brand you reach, to be able to make a small statistic. Dont cheat!

Scales of the core test

In men a normal level would be 60 “, while to qualify as a good level should hold the position up to 90 seconds, being excellent when it could reach 120. In women , the normal level would be 30 seconds, good if it reaches 50 seconds, and climb to the excellent step when it reaches 70 seconds.

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