Dotgrid, a simple tool to design vectors in Windows, Linux and Mac

Dotgrid is a small tool for Windows, Linux and macOS that allows us to draw vectors joining points and creating lines between them. It’s like an ultra simplification of the Photoshop pen tool.

The tool is extremely simple and minimalist, its creator did it to design logos and glyphs in several personal projects and then decided to offer it as a free open source app.

Designed for logos and symbols

Dotgrid does not have many functions and the space to create your illustration is limited, but as we mentioned, it is designed for logos or symbols. The learning curve is not too high, and its simplicity can be both a help and a limitation, depending on what you are going to use it for.

Clicking on the canvas inserts control points, up to a maximum of three points. Those points can be moved with the arrows. Below you have the different waypoints, and clicking on them you draw a line between the points.

You have several types of lines with or without curves, and also several keyboard shortcuts to draw between one point and another. Mastering it may take a while if you are used to other tools. You can read the full use manual on GitHub.

The interface would benefit from some improvements or from being a bit more descriptive, but it has its utility. Clicking on the diamond to the right Dotgrid saves your illustration as PNG, SVG and DOT at the same time.

The application is free, although it offers a ” pay what you want ” model in case you decide to offer what would be almost a donation for the tool, but you can download it for any of the operating systems without having to pay anything.

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