Take advantage of windy days to improve your career training

We took a few days in which to go to run outdoors seems double counting due to strong gusts of wind. The wind is one of the external factors that influence our career and that can modify our rhythms and our performance: that is why it is important that, although we want to stay at home, we learn to take advantage of this situation to improve our training.

Take advantage of windy days to improve your career trainingStudy your route, do you want to start or end with the wind against ?: generally in the outdoor race trainings we make circular tours, so that in a given moment you will encounter the wind against and in another with the wind to favor. The best thing you can do is to study your route to see what is the hardest part and to do it by helping you from the wind that pushes you forward. If you think you are not on your best day, use the wind from the beginning to motivate yourself.

Take advantage to perform a good mental training: running with the wind against can demoralize a lot. You try to move forward, it gives you the impression that you are making a Herculean effort to keep going, and when you look at your heart rate meter, you realize that you have only traveled a few meters. Use these days of training to perform a good mental training that will certainly help you when you have to compete.

Go out with a friend and collaborate with each other: windy days are the ideal time not to run alone. If you run with a friend, you can queue up and go swapping the position so that while the one in the head covers part of the wind with his body, the one behind can rest. If cyclists do it and it works for them, why not use it too?

Take care of the position of your body: surely you do almost without realizing it, but it is always good that we are aware of what position we take when running . When running with wind you should lean your body a little forward and make a shorter stride . This way you will offer less resistance and you will not spend as much energy.

Protect your body properly: perhaps the part of the body where the wind is most annoying are the ears. These days are a good time to wear a headband or cap that protects us. Also do not forget your eyes, which are easy to get specks of dust: here you can see how to choose some sunglasses suitable for sports.

If you do not look energetic for wind fights but do not want to lose your workout, the gym tape is always a good choice.

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