Instagram now allows you to save any post to revisit later

Have you ever seen Instagram a brilliant photo and later you had to spend a good time looking for it to see or show someone? Not a common problem, but Facebook has decided to put a solution to it adding a new functionality to its photographic social network.

Instagram now allows you to save any post to revisit laterThis afternoon, Instagram has introduced its new Saved Posts feature. It will consist of two components, a button to save posts that will appear in each of the photos of your feed, and a personal private section in your feed with a list of all the photos you have been saving.

“When you find a fun video you want to remember, a new costume you like or even inspiration for a next vacation, you can now keep track of your favorite publications from your profile,” explains the social network announcement. The new feature is the great new feature of the new version 10.2 of Instagram, which has just been made available to users for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android in Google Play.”

At the moment the update seems to have only reached the mobile devices of these two platforms, since neither the universal application of Windows 10 nor the web version of Instagram still enjoy it. Still, it is expected that in the next few days these will also be updated so we can create our photographic collection from any platform.

How do I store posts on Instagram?

The mechanics of this new function is simple. Once your Android or iOS app is updated, you’ll see how in your feed with the latest photos of your contacts a new icon appears to the right of each of the captures. Pressing once on the icon will turn black indicating you have saved the photo, and pressing it again will delete it from your collection.

As soon as you enter your profile, just above the photos you have uploaded, a fourth icon will appear next to the two display modes and the list of photos in which you have been tagged. It is the icon of your saved posts, and clicking on it will see all the photos and videos you have been saving so far.

This feature stores only regular Instagram photos and videos, which can not be used in any way with the content of the stories.

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