Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Unit for Your Business

When selecting a commercial refrigeration unit for your business, there are many factors that need to be weighed up. By determining your exact needs, you’ll be better equipped to choose the appliance that perfectly suits your requirements.

Right Commercial Refrigeration

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Before you begin looking at commercial refrigeration, you’ll need to assess the space you have available and work out which location will be most suitable. Different fridges suit different areas, and if you are opting for a unit that’s going to be front of house, you’ll need to consider both its aesthetic and functional appeal.

Capacity, door size and style should all play a role in the decision process and will ensure you select the best possible unit for your business.

 Selecting the Right Size of Refrigerator

There is no standard size of commercial freezer, so the capacity you decide on should be based on storage requirements and space constraints. Purchasing a fridge or freezer that is too small will see you having to incur further costs when space becomes a problem, so it’s suggested you always opt for the larger unit and err on the side of caution.

Deciding on a Door Style

Depending on whether your commercial refrigeration unit is placed in front of house or in the kitchen, the style of doors is equally important. Front-of-house fridges should be attractive and appealing and can be used to display wares such as cakes and confectionery or meats and cheeses.

Glass doors are a great option for front-of-house fridges as they can double as a display unit. For fridges placed in the kitchen accessibility is crucial, so a door configuration that meets the needs of your establishment is essential. Double doors, pull-out drawers or sections that can be opened and closed all make operations simple and efficient, and at and other commercial refrigeration stores you’ll be able to browse the available options.

Optional Extras

Many commercial fridges and freezers offer additional options that can make your cold storage systems even more efficient. Solid shelving or wire racks, pans rather than drawers and adjustable components allow for the most efficient and economical storage solutions to be created.

Selecting a commercial unit is certainly something that warrants some thought, but having the right fridge or freezer can make a huge difference to commercial operations.

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