Apple Wins Chairman’s Architectural Award

In the competitive and transparent business world, simply being the best at what you do is no longer enough. Companies around the world, from food manufacturers to clothing giants, are trying to be recognised for their corporate ethics and humanitarian contributions.

Apple Wins Chairmans Architectural Award

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While Microsoft is aligned with charities through the creation of the Gates’s charity, firms such as Apple are often seen as outliers. The company’s giant power and wealth does not produce obvious contributions to society. Therefore, it has become very important for them to be recognised for other good works. An example of this is their habit of re-purposing historic buildings in award-winning style to accommodate their stores.

The New York City Landmarks Conservancy Chairman’s Award

Not many buyers realise that Apple has a history of taking over buildings that have architectural and historical importance and restoring them to produce practical company stores and facilities. However, with their extensive work in New York City, including the preservation and restoration inside the Grand Central Terminal’s retail space, the Upper East Side retail store, West 14th Street and Apple’s historic SoHo location, the company has finally earned public recognition by winning The New York City Landmarks Conservancy Chairman’s Award 2016.

Presenting A Winning Design

Instrumental in Apple’s securing of the prize was their presentation of their existing and future re-purposing efforts. The Manhattan Apple locations referenced by the awarding panel were designed by architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

Using advanced 3d architectural visualisation, the company was able to offer the judges a vision of the future of many of the sites. This technique, which is available for a variety of commercial purposes from providers such as, has long been the standard form in architectural visualisation.

Recognising Excellence in All Areas

The New York Landmarks Conservancy aims to ensure the preservation of architecturally significant buildings. It does this through a combination of education and advocacy. The prize is seen as a significant motivational force in encouraging the preservation of these important buildings.

The Chairman’s Award was particularly impressed with the company’s ability to merge high-tech requirements with distinguished architecture. Grand Central Terminal in New York sees some 700,000 people through its doors every day, so this has an even greater impact on The New York City Landmarks Conservancy’s mission. Apple will receive the prize on 9 March 2016.

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