Tips for choosing the perfect Cheltenham Cattery for your feline friend

Choosing a cattery like to leave your family pet in whilst you are away on holiday can seem like a daunting task and is not something that you should rush into. You want to make sure that the cattery you choose is the right environment for your cat and that you feel they will be catered for and happy there until you return from your holiday to pick them up. There are peak times of year when catteries become booked up very quickly and these include the major school holidays such as Easter and the Summer and you should factor this in when looking to board your cat somewhere.  Many cat owners that once they find a cattery that there pet is happy in they will continue to use the same place year in and year out.

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Here are a few things you might like to consider when making your choice.

  • Finding out what other animals are catered for on the site is important, particularly if you have a cat that is nervous around dogs. In this instance you may wish to look for a place that is exclusively a cattery rather than opting for a combined place. Equally if you have a cat and a dog that you are looking to have in boarding until you return from holiday you may wish to choose a combine placement so that they can still be in the same environment together.
  • Asking what the daily routine is, is often something that owners forget. It is important to know how often your cats pen will be cleaned out, their litter tray changed and what times of day that they will be routinely fed so that you can make sure that your cat will be happy and so that you can also discuss any specific requirements that your family pet may have such as dietary requirements or if they are on any medication that needs to be timed carefully with their feeding times etc.

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  • Do they allow you to take some of your cat’s items from home? Finding out whether you can take your cats favourite blanket or soft toy or perhaps take their cat bed with you when you drop them off. This is incredibly important if you have an anxious cat or one that has an issue with separation anxiety. Having some of their favourite items from home can help to reduce their anxiety levels and produce a feeling of calm whilst you leave them in the capable hands of the professionals at the cattery of your choice.



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