Home Remedies for clean glass

We return now to our review of cleaning tips that will make your home much more pleasant; as I always say, the whole style is lost in a house that is dirty or cluttered. Here we review some techniques for our glass surfaces remain clean and bright as day.

The first mixture can prepare to clean the glass is as simple as effective. I recommend even repellents a boat with spray diffuser, and which are usually sold industrial aerosols, always ready to have your home cleaner. The ingredients are very simple: a cup of white vinegar and other water (if you to prepare the mixture for once, the water is a bit warm help faster cleaning if you infrequent to dry spots). This natural cleanser removes dirt in a way quickly and safely as they cannot damage the material and also for us much less aggressive than use ammonia and other toxic products.

Home Remedies for clean glassThe above mixture can also be varied slightly if we add the two ingredients a bit of spirit that work seamlessly with particularly difficult or stale spots. It will help neutralize the smell of vinegar, although we can also add some essential oil also clean our glasses leave a pleasant smell of lavender, pine, lemon…

Alcohol use is also very well treated crystals acid, which is opaque glass that can be found on many tables or even doors. For these special glasses the usual mixtures cannot leave the desired brightness, so you can also use a mixture of water with soap.

As important as the product it is how we apply it, so I recommend you always have on hand a microfiber cloth, or simply a soft cloth and lint, to help drag the dust particles from surfaces. The trick of using a newspaper works, but it is important to be slightly moistened or otherwise could scratch the glass or leave ink stains.

As for the cleaning of the decorative glass objects, I want to finish this article commenting on a little trick to clean water stains in vases. For these unpleasant fences can be used two ways: either take half a cup of rice and pour hot water to the point where brands come and clarify; or return to the vinegar and leave the acid to dissolve lime scale. It’s foolproof!

I hope these tips to remove dirt from organically crystals you have been helpful.

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